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Chill Out! Stay Cool During the Summer Months



Right now, we’re in the middle of what Ayurveda calls the Pita season. The Pita dosha is all about fire and heat, which is why we refer to the hottest months of the year as the Pita season.

Lots of people love to go to the beach, spend time at lakes, go camping, spend time Bar-B-Qing and being outdoors as much as possible when it’s nice out. All of this is really fun and enlivening, but it can also turn Pita people into an irritable, hot mess!

Pita is comprised of the qualities of fire and water. When you add more heat to the fire… it just gets hotter. Summer is the time of year when the Pita people (or the Pita aspect within Kapha and Vata people) is thrown out of balance (for more information on which dosha type you are, take this QUIZ  [http://www.freegiftsfromrochle.com].

When the Pita aspect is out of balance, you might experience acid reflex, stomach aches, irritability, ulcers, inflammatory responses in the body, more extreme allergies and digestive system upset.

Are You Out Of Balance?

Here are some clues that your Pita is out of balance during the hot summer months: