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Cooling Drinks For Summertime


In the summertime, it’s really important to stay cool and help your body avoid inflammation (especially if you’re a Pita). Foods that are astringent, sweet and bitter all have anti-inflammatory powers that help bring the Pita back into balance.

I recommend that, in general, people stay away from sour, salty and pungent tastes in the summertime. These actually turn up the body’s internal thermostat and create more heat within the body, which isn’t good when you’re already in a fiery state.

Here are some delicious drinks and foods you can easily whip up at home that will help you push toxins out of the body, cool down your system, and restore balance to your dosha type.

Astringent Foods and Drinks

Some astringent foods include pomegranate, cranberry, hibiscus, garbanzo beans, green beans, potatoes and alfalfa sprouts. All of these foods have drying and cooling qualities that can help you if you are prone to excessive sweating or oiliness.

These foods also contain polyphenols, which create an astringent taste that leaves you a little dry or pucker-mouthed, but contain naturally occurring anti-inflammatory qualities that balance out the Pita.

Sun Tea with Hibiscus