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Super Foods For A Super You #2


I had so much fun sharing information about green super foods that you can incorporate into your diet that are naturally designed to improve your wellbeing that I decided to talk more about other super foods that are extremely beneficial to you, that you may not know about.

In my last article “Green Super Foods:”

( http://rochelelawson.wpengine.com/green-super-foods for-a-super-you-1/),  I shared with you super foods that are designed to help you rock your workouts, improve digestion, build healthy bones, regulate blood sugar levels and fight off colds. In this article, I want to share with you foods that are designed naturally to protect your heart, protect you against cancer and keep you slim.

  • If you are looking for natural ways to protect your heart, then you will want to incorporate eating more leeks into your diet. This member of the onion family is loaded with flavonols, compounds that work to keep your blood vessels flexible and prevent bloods clots that can lead to a heart attack. One flavonol that is found in Leeks is kaempferol. In the American Journal of Epidemiology it is reported that people who consume the most kaempferol-containing foods are the least likely to die from heart disease. Leeks are also rich in the B vitamin folate, which plays a role in protecting your heart.